How to Measure for a Kilt

Use the link below to view the video on measuring a dancer for a kilt.

To measure your dancer, have him or her wear a thinner shirt and pants, or leotard.  It is best not to measure over jeans.  Have the person stand up straight, and breathe normally.   The natural waist is usually just slightly above the navel.  Have the dancer bend sideways if you are unsure–you will see a crease at the true waist.  Measure around the waist, pulling the tape just slightly snug.  Do not add anything to this measurement, or the kilt will be too loose.

For the hip measurement, have the dancer stand sideways to you.  Measure at the widest part of the hips, making sure that the tape is level, about 7-9 inches down from the waist.  Be sure that you are going around the dancer’s buttocks, not below them.  This measurement should NOT be snug.

For the length, measure from the waist (where you measured before) to the top of the knee.  Feel for the kneecap, and have the dancer bend his of her knee forward if you can’t feel it.  Measure just to the top of the kneecap.  The 2″ rise will be added later–DO NOT add this yourself.

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