Alterations Price List

2018 Kilt Alteration Price List

The following is a list of the approximate cost of various alterations.  The actual price quoted may vary slightly due to factors such as the size, age, or general condition of the kilt.
 Hemming –take up or let down                       $50.00 and up

Move buckles and straps                                $10.00 per buckle

Replace straps                                               $10.00 per strap

Apron alterations (make larger or smaller)     $200.00 and up

Complete repress                                           $50.00 and up

Replace lining                                                 $50.00 and up

New canvas and lining                                    $80.00 and up

Other alterations will be quoted individually, due to the variations in the amount of time required for each kilt.
Please note that shipping is not included in these prices.  I will advise you of the total amount due before the kilt is shipped back to you.