Special Weave Tartan

One of the great things about the Artisan Weavers at D C Dalgliesh, Ltd. is that they will weave any registered tartan just for you.  The minimum is 5 meters.  This means that you can literally have any tartan that you want (with the exception of restricted designs) for a kilt or any other item.  Below is an example of the work that they have done for some customers of mine who requested a special tartan- the Tennessee Volunteer tartan from the University of Tennessee.IMG_2371.jpg

For this group of clients, Dalgliesh wove 24 meters of double-width tartan.  They also have two single-width looms that they use for smaller amounts of tartan.  If you have a special tartan that is not produced commercially, such as an Irish surname, or other obscure design, contact me to inquire about having it made.