It’s Been Quite a Year

I have been blessed to have my parents both live long and full lives, and to have been the recipient of their love, guidance, and support all of my life.  They were always present and involved with everything I did, and I always knew that they were proud of my accomplishments.

My mother had been suffering from a number of conditions, and had been in an assisted living situation for several years when she suffered a devastating fall.  She passed away two weeks later at the age of 93.  This was in March.  It was a very difficult time, and we are still feeling her loss every day.

Then, in June, my father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer.  he passed away in August.  He was 89.  This was a devastating loss, as he was very dear to all of his family and friends.

These life events are things that we all have to face.  We are all mortal, and we have to learn to adjust and move forward after losses such as these.  I am doing my best, but it is a hard path, and I find that I have moments where I am sad, tired, and discouraged.  Luckily I have the support of my husband and two daughters, and they have been a real help to me at this difficult time.

I have continued to sew throughout the events of this year, but right now I am a bit behind my expected delivery dates for some orders.  This will improve through the fall, and I expect that I will continue to work at my normal rate from now on.  People have been very understanding, and I have tried to give realistic completion dates.

I would like to thank all of my friends who supported me during this difficult time.  It means a lot to me, and I can only try to return the favor if it is ever needed.