New Price List is Out!

I have updated the price list for 2018.  There are a few minor changes, mostly reflecting increases in shipping costs and slightly increased tartan prices.  The favorable exchange rate between the pound and the dollar has meant that I have been able to have prices fairly stable for a while, but for some reason the pound is strengthening slightly, so things are more expensive for me.  The other factor is shipping.  On average it costs about $40 to get a kilt length from Scotland- more if I also order buckles and straps at the same time.  Those things are quite heavy, and they charge accordingly.

I will be heading down to the Marguerite Reid Memorial Highland Dance Workshop Feb 1-4 in King of Prussia, PA.  This is such a fun weekend for me- I get to see old friends, meet clients, and check out a really big mall.  We are a bit short on malls in Keene.  I have to drive about 65 miles to get to the mall in Holyoke, MA, which is the closest one to us.  It’s not that thrilling, so I look forward to seeing something besides the same old stuff.

The only down side of this trip is the traffic between here and PA- I have my ways to get around New York City, but sometimes there’s just no good way.  So wish me luck!