New Trends in Kilts

You would think that there is nothing new under the sun, but there are some newer trends in kilts that I have seen in the past few years.  The first one is the 21st Century Kilt, which has options for unusual fabrics more like men’s suiting.  These kilts also have external pockets, and are generally slightly longer than I would make a traditional kilt.

Image result for 21st century kilt images

On a younger, trendier guy, I actually like these.

Another trend is the solid color, or tweed kilt.  you can see this in the photo above, along with a leather one.  Recently, a customer asked me to make a black kilt with inserts of tartan that “flashed” when he walked.  That was a fun project, and it came out great.

In Highland Dance, the trend is for brighter colors, with Turquoise being the current popular color.  There are currently more choices for dancers than ever before, with newer manufacturers like Highland InStyle and Bonnie Tartan joining House of Edgar, Dalgiesh, and Tartantown in providing fabric.

I have also made quite a few box- pleated kilts.  These are very popular with men who want something lighter for general wear.  They can be configured win a number of ways to suit almost everyone.

Let me know if you want something out of the ordinary- I am always open to new ideas!