January Journey


Here’s the new Kiltmobile in all its glory.  So far I am very happy with it, and I will take it when I go to the Celtic Winter Gathering in Burlington, VT next week, and also to the Marguerite Reid Memorial Workshop in King of Prussia, PA in February.

I have the new 2017 price list ready, so check it out at the top of the page.  Right now my orders are running about 8 weeks, so please take that into account when placing an order.

This past year I have had several special weaves done for customers by D. C.  Dalgliesh, and I have to say that they were wonderful to work with.   The orders came in the time specified, and the workmanship and quality of the fabric was fantastic.  I am considering having them make a length of the O’Sullivan tartan, so if anyone is interested, it would be  about $600 for a kilt length, 16 oz, single width.  That is about double the price of stock tartan (I know it sounds like a lot!) but it is well worth the price to get what you want.  Dalgliesh made me some Campbell if Inverary Ancient, and some Kelly Dress Ancient, and both are stunning.

So, please stop by to say hello if you are in Burlington or at the MRM!