Something New

On Friday I did something that I didn’t think I would ever do.  I traded in my Honda Element, which I have had for over 10 years.  I have always called it “the Kiltmobile”, because of my license plate KILTMKR, and it has been the best car I’ve ever had.  It never gave me a bit of trouble, and I drove it 126,000 miles- all the way to NC, all the way to Quebec, and out to Michigan as well.  It has carried all kinds of things– a whole dorm room full of stuff, all of my kiltmaking things for Kilt Camp, and even sheep!  Katie and I put two sheep in there someplace neat Gettysburg, PA, and drove them all the way back to Vermont.  They were perfectly happy back there as we drove across the Tappan Zee Bridge and then headed north.   Of course we had a tarp and a cardboard liner under them!  The waterproof fabric on the seats, and the lack of carpeting meant that I could clean it with soap and water when necessary in order to keep it perfectly clean.  It will be difficult for the new vehicle to out-perform the Honda, but we’ll see.  I will have to get used to the automatic transmission (I have almost always driven a stick) and the larger size of the new van.  It does fit all of my stock, which is nice.

We bought a Ram ProMaster City van.  It is red, and next week it will get some graphics that will make it distinctive.  I am getting a new logo, which has a thistle and a border, which will be on both sides and on the back— all of this thanks to Dodge, which has a $500 allowance for this type of thing.  I will definitely post pictures when it’s all done.

In other news, I had a very interesting email from a customer.   He said that he had visited the NH Highland games, and two different people recognized his kilt as my work.  He was surprised, but I am not.  I can recognize other people’s work in many cases–I would certainly know a kilt that Elsie had made, or one from any of my kiltmaking friends.  We are a small, select group, and I think that each of us takes pride in the small details that make our kilts stand out from other people’s work.

Photos will be forthcoming as soon as the new “Kiltmobile II” is finished.