Heat Wave

It’s August, and I am as busy as I normally am in January.  Luckily, the house is air conditioned, so I can sew in relative comfort.  I have been very busy with family concerns, but after quite a bit of running around, things are mostly back to normal.  I am planning on being at the games at Quechee, and I will have several new products.  One is a new line of kilt belt buckles, and the other is clan badges and kilt pins.

This is one of the pins.  There are about 100 different clans, and then some more generic pins, like this Ireland one.  These are suitable for sashes, hats, and general wear.   They are also available in a kilt pin shape. I also have the House of Cheviot Lewis kilt hose in every color (about 16 colors) and size.

I look forward to seeing all of you on August 27 at the Quechee Polo Field!