A Different kind of Kilt

I am currently working on a kilt that’s a bit different from what I usually do.  It’s a self- colored kit, so it’s a solid colored fabric, which actually makes construction a bit trickier.  With tartan, there are stripes to match and center, but those stripe actually serve as a guide for where to fold and sew the pleats and so on.  With a solid color fabric, it’s all done by measuring.  I laid out the apron, and then measured for each pleat (27 of them) in three places. once I get it all basted together, it will be just like any other kilt that I’ve made.  Here are a couple of photos:

The tartan is actually more orange than it shows in the pictures.  I will update in the next day or so as I get it looking more like  kilt and less like a pile of orange fabric!

These self- colored kilts are sometimes worn by bands.  The NY City Police pipe band is one.  They had navy blue kilts, made by Elsie Stuehmeyer, and I heard that it was quite a project.  Her comments on having to do all of that measuring and fussing are unrepeatable.  I have not yet been reduced to swearing, but we’ll see.