Waiting Patiently for Spring

It’s been a while since I posted, but things have been busy.  I have been sewing, shoveling snow, and trying to stay warm.  The 75 inches of snow that Keene has received is starting to melt, and I can only hope that it melts over a period of weeks, or we’ll need that canoe that’s stored in the garage!

Kilts are being made as fast as I can sew them, and I feel like the socks and sporrans are a good addition to my inventory.  I will be vending at the NH Indoor Games on April 11, along with Frank and his weaving, so please stop by to say hello.  You will be able to see all of the beautiful colors that the House of Cheviot hose make, as well as the scarves and wraps that Frank weaves.

I made my annual pilgrimage to the Marguerite Reid memorial Dance Workshop in PA, and ended up driving back through some lovely winter weather.  It was the first week in February, so I guess I should not have been surprised about the weather and driving conditions.  It was a 10 hour drive home from DC, where I went after the workshop to visit my younger daughter.

So, now I’m sewing my way through a pile of tartan, and carefully tending the seedlings that I plan to put out in May.