Check out the new Page on this site!

I have managed to build a new page on this site, which is devoted to kilt accessories and hose.  I have been keeping a small number of accessories for a year or so, and I’ve recently decided to expand the inventory.  Many people come to me for kilts and then say, “What else do I need?”  I have been sending them to various suppliers, but I can get very nice things from some of the folks who supply tartan, so I decided to do it.  This is the result.

Once a customer purchases a kilt, he or she needs more items in order to complete the outfit.  Kilt hose are a must for men, so I carry two lines of hose.  The one from Lochcarron is a very nice quality sock that matches perfectly with Lochcarron tartans, and is very long-wearing.  The other line is from House of Cheviot, and these are especially nice.  The cable fold-over is a really nice look, and they are a beautiful blend of merino, acrylic, nylon, and lycra for a nice feel on the leg and long wear.  I love the range of colors that are available–particularly the purple!  I carry most of the colors that this company makes, and I can always special-order socks if necessary.

I also carry a selection of sporrans.  There are the informal day sporrans, made of black leather.  These are good for everyday wear.  There are also some semi-dress sporrans, with bovine fronts.  In the past, these would have been made from sealskin, but sealskin can no longer be imported, so manufacturers now use cowhide with the hair side out.  The look is similar, and it’s very sturdy.

The last item is the garter flashes.  These are made to match a kilt, using some of the small scraps that are left over.  They add a finishing touch that is very smart-looking, and are definitely a step up from the cloth garter flashes.

Customers can place an order by emailing me or calling on the telephone.  I will send a Paypal invoice,and then send the order out.  It’s all in an effort to provide a service to customers, and save them scrambling around to complete their outfits.

In other news, I have been busy all fall, sewing madly to keep up.  Now that I don’t have to go to school every day, my schedule is different, but I don’t seem to get much more done with all the extra time!  My husband is weaving, and we are going to be vending at two holiday craft fairs in the area, selling his scarves and wraps.  This will keep me busy until the first of the year, when the Dance Moms start to call!


Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!