New Hampshire Highland Games 2014-Kilts, Great Kilts, and Great Big Guys in Kilts

Yesterday was my day at Loon to volunteer at the dance competition.  The New Hampshire Highland Games has been going strong for years, and all of it is due to the efforts of many, many volunteers, who do everything from collecting tickets and parking cars to running the competitions.  It is the site if the New England Highland Dance Championship, which attracts participants from all over the US and Canada.  As a former Dance Mom, I have helped out at many, many of these competitions over the years.  Highland Dance is volunteer-driven, run by parents and teachers FOR dancers.  It’s an amazing thing to see, and requires lots of dedication and attention to detail.  There were probably close to 200 dancers yesterday, from primary to premier, and it all went off without a hitch, almost.  There were issues with a printer, which made scorekeeping a challenge, and the weather was less than ideal, but overall, it was another fabulous day.

I have a few photos–these are special to me because they show some of the variety of the people and sights you might see at the games.  The first is a photo of a guy named Thor, who is evidently in the Game of Thrones as “The Mountain.”  He is holding one of the Lincoln Police officers, who is wearing a kilt that I made for her.  She is 5 feet tall, and he is almost 7. feet tall.  It doesn’t really show off her kilt, but it’s a fun picture.


Lincoln Police officer in kilt


The second one is of a customer wearing his new Great Kilt, which I made for him.  He evidently made quite a stir yesterday–  I think he looks amazing!  He is armed to the teeth, with a dirk and a small sword.  I am sure that he has a sgain dhu as well.


Great kilt 002


So, you can see that there’s a lot to see up at Loon!