A New Phase

Well, I’ve done it.  I finished my last year at school, and will now make kilts full-time.  I have worked for the Keene School District for 17 years, and although it has been a wonderful job for the most part, there are bits that I will not miss at all.  Normally, by this time of year, I am ready for my summer vacation, and definitely ready to talk to adults!  That is just as true this year.  I have had a number of difficult students this year, and there are things happening with my school that may lead to its eventual closure, so at the moment I am glad to be done with school.  Now it’s on to the next phase.

I expect to be quite busy in the next little bit.  I have a number of orders to finish, and then we may take time to visit our daughters.  Then the Quechee games come around, then Loon, then on into fall.  I plan to do a couple of extra games next year, vending more often, and traveling farther from home.

Frank has been busy weaving, and he has also begun to make some Jacobite-style sporrans.  He began experimenting with some leather, and came up with a really neat little  design that goes well with his great kilt.  As I have said before: Who knew that he was so talented?

Kilt Camp begins on Sunday, and I expect to see a number of friends there, as well as new students.  It will be a busy week of sewing, talking, and tons of fun!  I will try to post from Camp, with pictures of what’s going on