March Roars in (and Out!)

Many of you know that I reside in New Hampshire, and while I don’t mind winter weather, this year I have had enough, and I’m ready for spring.  The snow is still fairly deep, although my mailbox is now sticking up out of the pile of snow at the end of the driveway, rather than being buried in it.  I can see the edges of my raised beds in the garden, and there is definitely melting taking place.  Taking a walk has been a real adventure in the last little bit, but even that is improving.

One real sign of spring is sheep shearing.  Katie’s sheep were shorn last week, because the shearer is on a tight schedule, and normally, it would be warm enough that it wouldn’t be a cause for concern.  This year, it was 13 degrees in the barn as we skirted the fleeces and sorted the wool.  The sheep looked at Katie as if to say, “Mom, what were you thinking?” They were a bit chilly that first night, but they have gotten used to it.  The wool is now at the spinner’s, being made into beautiful yarn.  The sheep are all expecting lambs in the next few weeks (except Agnes), so that will be a sure sign of spring and warmer weather.

In my house, a sure sign of spring is tall piles of boxes ready to go to the Post Office.  I have been sewing madly, and have come closer to the bottom of the pile of tartan, but I’m not there yet.  I have made 5 kilts in the past 3 1/2 weeks, which is a lot when school is in session.  These kilts have gone out to CA, TX, SC, and other places across the country.  I am hoping to have more photos shortly!