Midwinter Adventures

Those of you who know me probably get the impression that I am a traditionalist.  That is true, but I have also had to become technologically savvy in order to keep up with the modern age.  Some of this I do for school: we do a great deal of assessment by computer, and of course our record keeping and communication is all electronic.

I have had a cell phone for some time, but I have resisted the switch to a smartphone.  Yesterday I finally did it:  I am the proud owner of an IPhone.  So now I can text, get my email, and search the ‘net on the go.  I also purchased an IPad, and I have a Square card reader so that I can accept credit card payments.  As soon as I straighten out the tangle of cords that recharge all of this stuff, I’ll be good to go.  I hope that these improvements will allow me to serve my customers better, and to work more efficiently at kiltmaking.