Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

This is it– the night that Keene might make the news with a new world record for the most carved, lit jack o’ lanterns in one place.  We went downtown earlier to see some of the fun.  It’s much more dramatic after dark, but the crowds are too much, so we stick to the daytime.  Here are a few pictures so show you what it’s like:

It’s a ton of fun, and a great family kind of activity.  We expect 30,000 pumpkins this year.  Last year they said that there were 60,000 people here, which makes Keene a very busy place.  This is a city of 23,000, so you can imagine what it does to the traffic.  Anyway, it’s a fun day out, as long as we ride our bikes downtown, and don’t try to drive. 

I came home to get back to work–I have a Royal Cunningham to finish, a MacDonald Ancient, and 2 New Hampshire kilts to get out ASAP, so I will be sewing like mad this week.  I have made up my 2014 price list, and a new price list for alterations.  I finally did that because I have found that lots of folks need that service, and want to know what things are going to cost.  I will get the alterations price list up as a new page.  I will also be running a “special” for customers who place orders during November and December, so stay tuned.