An Exciting Afternoon

Last week was an exciting week by any standard.  On Wednesday, the New Hampshire TV station, WMUR, sent a small crew over to interview me for their program “NH Chronicle.”  They were here for almost three hours.  They were very nice, and made it easy for me to explain about what I do on camera.  I expect that this will all be edited down to about five minutes, and it will be on the television on Tuesday, October 1 at 7:00PM. 

This all came about because I had emailed WMUR in May, knowing that they do shows about the New Hampshire Highland Games every year.  I thought that it might make an interesting piece, since Kiltmaking is such a specialized skill.  Who knew that they would respond and ask to come here for the interview?

Here are my latest projects:  I am trying to get my queue down to a manageable level before November and December.  After that, as many of my followers know, it gets crazy.

Dress Red MacGregor–dancer’s kilt
The next three photos show some of the different ways that a piece of tartan can be pleated.  This is MacArthur tartan, and the flat piece of fabric at the left represents the apron of the kilt.  I have pinned the fabric to show how it would look pleated to the yellow stripe, to the black stripe, and to the sett.  This customer chose the pleating to the sett, but it’s interesting to see how different the three variations would look.  Each one is a valid choice–it just depends on your personal taste.
Black Stripe
Yellow stripe
Pleated to the sett
You can see that pinning it up allows my customers to see how their kilt will appear, depending on what they direct me to do.  The big thing here is that unless this tartan is pleated to the sett or to the yellow stripe, the predominant effect is to emphasize the horizontal stripes in the tartan.  We kiltmakers call this the “lawn chair effect”.  Sometimes it looks fine, but it’s not flattering for everyone.  It’s just one more factor to take into consideration when planning a kilt for a customer.