September Happenings

September is always a busy time of year.  I have to get back into the school schedule, and back to just working on kiltmaking in the evenings.  Right now I’m pretty well caught up on orders, and if the tartan I have on order would just ARRIVE, I would be happy enough.

I have been trying to enhance my displays for when I go to games and events as a vendor.  This is harder than it looks, because everything has to be portable and easily set up.  It also has to fit into the Kiltmobile, which is my trusty Honda Element.  The most recent acquisition is Molly, (named after Molly Malone– the one with the cockles and mussels) our new mannequin.  She is intended to model the tartan wraps that Frank makes, and she’s pretty good at it.  We are also getting a smaller loom to take to the games.  Frank likes to demonstrate his weaving, and it does attract attention, so it makes sense to take it.  The 36″ loom did fit in the car, but it took up a LOT of space.  Now we have a 22″ loom that will serve the same purpose, but is much easier to move.  Our next move is going to be making rag rugs for the “floor” of our booth.  It’s usually grass in the vendor area, and in the mornings that is wet, which isn’t very nice.  I am thinking of getting some other display fixtures for the scarves.  We already have a mirror, and a couple of specialized hangers, but it could always be improved.

The fall is usually a quieter time for me, and I spend it getting ready for January.  January is when the dance moms seem to notice that their children have grown, and I start to get frantic calls regarding new kilts, or letting down hems.  I’m ready!

The next big competition is the New Hampshire Highland Games up at Loon Mountain.  I will be up at the dancing on Saturday, so please come and say hi if you are able to!