Kilt Camp is the Best Time of the Year

I just got back from Kilt Camp, which was, as usual, a highlight of my kiltmaking year.  I had 8 students, all of whom have previous experience, but we all learn from each other, so it’s always a worthwhile event.  This year we had one person who had a gorgeous purple tartan called Spirit of Scotland (pictures below) that I was ready to take home myself.  This was 15 oz. tartan from Dalgliesh–very high quality fabric.

We always have tons of fun, sewing during the day, and chatting, snacking and having a glass of wine after dinner.  After a very long school year, I am always ready to talk to adults for a few days.  It was hot, hot and humid, and then VERY hot and humid this week.  The Emma Willard school, where Camp is held, is not air-conditioned, and although it takes a while for the buildings to heat up, once they do, it’s hard to cool things down.  I had my fan on all night, and was definitely in need of a shower after a hard day of  kiltmaking.

Here’s a selection of pictures:

The top photo is my Duke of Fife, pleated to the stripe.  Next is Isle of Skye, pleated to the sett.  Then you can see my hard-working students.  Everyone had a fantastic time!