Spring in New Hampshire- Bugs, Rain, and Kilt Camp

 You can tell that it’s spring around here when the garlic starts to come up.  I plant it every year, and it’s pretty easy to grow.  My greenhouse (see last August for pictures) was a big help getting things started early.  There is nothing better for me than getting outside and getting my hands dirty.  It is best to do this before the bugs start up, which they have done this week.  We are lucky enough to have both black flies and mosquitoes, so I have to work at certain times to avoid being eaten alive.  The rain that we have had recently has meant a few more bugs than normal, or al least it seems that way.

This year we also have a family of phoebes nesting under the back porch.  This would not have been possible when we still had a cat, but they seem safe enough tucked up under there now.  They have 4 phoe-babies that are incredibly cute.  They should be ready for their first flight in a week or so.  Lucky for them that if their first attempts at flight are a bit unsteady, they don’t have far to fall!  Here they are:

This is another thing I just got yesterday,  It is a kilt that is regimental weight (18 oz).
It has a 3″ rise, and some very interesting rosettes on the apron.  I am going to check into
it to see what these are for.  This kilt also has a black waistband rather than a matching tartan
one.  This is done lots of times, and makes no difference in the finished product–you’ll never see it
when the kilt is being worn.

The only other things that are new are that I will be working at my school for one more year.  This was not a sure thing until Friday, when I heard about my position for the fall.  This works well with my plan, which is to retire from teaching school next June, and devote my time to kiltmaking.