Just Kidding (No, Really)

This weekend was quite an experience.  After a snow day on Friday,  and visiting parents on Saturday, we headed for VT to see Katie and the kids.  Not just any kids–these are goat kids, just born.  Katie is the herd manager at Fat Toad Farm, and they have over 50 goats in their milking herd.  The goats are either pregnant and double-wide, or they have just had their kids within the last week or so.

Kids are just as cute as lambs–pretty darn cute!  And they are friendly and curious, which makes them fun to be around.  Here are a few pictures:

You may notice that this last picture is of the lambs–these two are Agnes and Ralphie, who are in pictures from a few weeks ago, when they were first born.  They are now good-sized lambs, and doing fine.  The others are in the background , and they are all fine, just not so friendly.
During our visit to Fat Toad, at least 10 kids were born.  They look wet and floppy for a few minutes, their mom licks them dry(ish) and then they start trying to stand up and nurse.  It’s amazing.
I’m ready to move to a farm at the end of a muddy dirt road in Vermont.