Things are Piling Up, and I Don’t Mean Snow

The tartan piles are growing.  This is both a blessing and a curse, as it’s my business that is so “busy”, but it also means that I am continually juggling schedules, school, and my work time to get kilts done when customers need them.  Here’s my basic schedule:

6:00 AM get up, shower, drink coffee
7:25 AM Leave for school (bring coffee)
8:00 AM First students arrive
12:00 PM Lunch (more coffee)
3:30 PM Leave for YMCA to exercise OR leave for home, make Post Office run, do errands
4:30 PM Home (one more coffee) sew until dinner
5:30 PM Dinner (last coffee)
6:00 PM Sew, settle in to watch (that means listen to) the game
8:30 PM Put down sewing, change to knitting, which requires less attention to detail
10:00 PM Bed

I can get a kilt done during the week as long as I can have a few hours on a weekend to work on it.  I figure 16-20 hours goes into each one.  I leave off when I get tired, because nothing good happens if I work too long.

The good news here is that Baseball season is coming, and I will be able to watch the Red Sox almost without interruption.  While we may groan about the Red Sox’s failings, it’s better than lots of other choices I could make.  The bad news is that I have to take a break every now and then from sewing, just to stretch out, and to make sure that I don’t “take a set” as Frank sometimes says. 

This whole spring is filling up, though.  I will be going out to Regionals in May, and then Kilt Camp will be upon us.  I have posted to X Marks with dates and information, and I hope that we’ll have a good group.  It may be tricky toward the end of school, because we have had TOO MANY SNOW DAYS.  I am supposed to be at Kilt Camp for the 23rd, but we are right up against that with our last day of school.  If the expected storm comes tomorrow, I plan on being at school, despite anything the superintendent does!