Back in the Swing

So, I made it back from PA in one piece, through the places that got over 3 feet of snow last week.  It wasn’t too bad, although the on/off ramps on the Merritt Pkwy were a mess.  After going to bed early on Sunday, I looked at my book on Monday.  I’m not in bad shape, but there are a few people who need stuff ASAP.  That is always the way.

This week I was in close communication with Katie, who was checking on sheep every 4 hours looking for signs of labor in the ewes.  By Friday all of them had lambed, and there are 9 little lambs–5 girls and 4 boys, all white except one little black ewe.  Pictures here:

                                                                               In the top picture you can see the little black lamb, whose name is Esther.  Below that you can see the general melee when the lambs are just milling around.  The larger lamb is the first one that came, several weeks ago.  The others are younger.   At the bottom, Katie and I are feeding the bottle lambs, Agnes and Ralphie II.  They look SO much better than they did a couple of weeks ago!
I am excited about the prospect of getting the ewes sheared and having the wool made into yarn.  Katie is planning on marketing it in several different ways, and I am going to be working on patterns for knitting kits using this wool, which should be very fine and soft.  I’ll let you all know how it’s going.