Updates on Kilts and Lambs

Just a quick update on the kilt situation.  I am feeling very proud of myself.  I have the backlog down to one or two items.  This means that I can go to DELCO with a clean slate, and with luck, get all of the kilts that are new orders to customers within a reasonable amount of time.

I have learned the hard way that I am best at making kilts, and that I need to leave the other stuff like hornpipe outfits, vests, and other items to others.  I have a tough time saying “no”, particularly to friends, but I have to say that just making kilts has made my business better for everyone.

In other news, Katie has been feeding the lambs that I wrote about earlier in the week, and I guess that they are doing well.  She will let me know the moment there are other additions to the flock!