We Have Lambs!

Today was quite an exciting day.  We drove up to see Katie’s new lambs in VT, about 90 miles north of where I live.  It was a beautiful winter day, but cold enough to be concerned about new lambs arriving in such weather.  Her five ewes are all due in the next little bit.  Two have already given birth, and she has two ram lambs and one tiny ewe.

When we arrived, two of the lambs were being cared for in the Fat Toad Farm kitchen.  They hadn’t been nursing, and were hypothermic, so they were brought in for warming and liquids.  The first picture was taken about noon on Saturday.  Here they are:

They are looking a bit low in this photo–they were born about 12-15 hours before this, but their mom, being a first-timer, didn’t get them dried, stimulated, and nursing.  She is very skittish, so there was little that Katie could do to help without removing them.

After a couple of hours next to a wood stove, and with electrolytes and sheep milk replacer, they looked a bit better.  You can see that they are rather thin and leggy–this is partly because of their breed.  The one on the left (below) is the boy, as yet unnamed.  The girl is Agnes.  Katie is going to take them back to her house for at least a few days before putting them outside.  They will have to be fed by hand.  I can’t wait to see the others!