Happy New Year!

Well, I’ve done it.  The new price list is up, and copies are printed.  I think I’m ready for the new year, and I will no doubt be sewing straight through until June.  There are still a few loose ends to tie up with 2012 orders, but I’m not in bad shape.

These past two weeks showed just how crazy things can be.  First off, the list of things that I made people (not customers) for Christmas:
         6 pairs of socks
         1 pair kilt socks
         1 man’s shirt (tartan, or course)
         1 8″X 10″ petit point pillow top
         7 dozen cookies for a swap
         6 handwoven kitchen towels

This is in my spare time, when I’m not making kilts.   I did manage to pleat a couple and do one important alteration, but I really needed to get the family stuff done.  It is a break from the usual, and there is definitely something comforting about knitting and weaving, where you get into a rhythm which I find very satisfying and relaxing.  It is also fun to see the pattern come out under my hands, which I think is the reason that I like all of these forms of handwork.

In a few weeks I will be heading down to King of Prussia for the Marguerite Reid Memorial Workshop, and it will be the beginning of THE BIG RUSH.  Friends and anyone in a hurry for a kilt should contact me BEFORE February 1 so that they won’t be behind the dance workshop customers in the queue.  Consider yourselves warned.

There is other news–my daughter’s 5 ewes are due to have their lambs starting at the end of January.  I can’t wait to go up to see them!  This is in place of actual grandchildren for the time being, so I will have to settle for being a “lambie Grammie”.  You can bet that I will have pictures of these adorable creatures as soon as they arrive.

That’s all for now–It is time to go home and sit by the gas fireplace and SEW!

The latest kilt:  Muted Lindsay.  I love this tartan–it has beautiful tones of blue, green, and red.  This one has 29 pleats, so it is taking some time to get through it.