Recent Events

I just finished up a job for a gentleman from Vermont who wanted an outfit for various Scottish events.  This is what we came up with:  a Stewart of Appin kilt, and a blazer altered to make it into an Arglye jacket.  I was really pleased with how this came out–take a look!

This kilt was a real pleasure to work on.  The tartan is from Strathmore, a mill that makes really beautiful fabric.  For the jacket, I made epaulets, re-shaped the pocket flaps, shortened it, applied cuffs made from a matching fabric, and added the buttons.  In this outfit, he’s ready for just about anything!  I also made a sash for a lady to wear, so they’ll make a real impression wherever they go.

Now it’s on to my next project.  I have an Angus Muted in the works for a young man who is a piper.  My main challenge there is to get 9″ of shaping into it without making him look like a girl.  This is typical for a teenage, very trim young man.  Then, as they mature, the waist fills in, and I end up letting the kilt out.

In other news, we are all safe after last week’s storm (and I had 2 days off from school too!), and are now waiting for the next nor’easter to work its way up the coast.  Snow is a definite possibility.  I’m ready for any eventuality–I have a few day’s work lined up right now.