Organization is Key

I have been waiting for 2 weeks to post this.  It is so exciting for me (maybe I need to get out more!) to have a whole new workspace.  Here’s how it happened.  I have been attending meetings for women who have sewing-based businesses, and I met a woman who has a business called SmartSpaces.  I started to think about my messy sewing room, which has always been kind of a dumping ground when I didn’t know where to put stuff.  It was SO easy to just close the door on it and decide to straighten it out another day.  I would spend time looking for things like skirt hooks, buckles, straps, or a certain thread, which was a real waste of my time.  My husband has been patient with this for years.  Here are the before pictures:

There’s more, but you don’t need to see all of the mess to get the idea.  Enter Sherri, with her measuring tape and some really good ideas.   Here’s the result:

My desk is now a table that I can iron and lay out kilts on, and there is one L-shaped table for my three machines.  Evan though the kilts are hand made, I do use a blindstitch hemmer,and I sew on the top band using a sewing machine.  The interfacing also gets serged so that it won’t fray.  Now I have a better system for the closet, and the tartan is all safe until I need it.   The presser is in the sewing room instead of out in the family room, which will be good, I think. This was worth hiring someone who knows what to do.  So now my husband has more room for his stuff (the two looms and associated yarn, equipment, and things like the warping board) and I have a really nice space.