Now I have Pictures

I took a few pictures of the Gordon’s kilt (the second one) after I took it apart a bit.  Here they are, one right above the other.  You can see the canvas, and all of the tailor basting on the back canvas. You can also see the steeking (top photo) and the steeking through just below it.  This kilt is probably 30 years old, and it looks really good–it just doesn’t fit the owner any more.

This is  a bright spot–things went downhill after this.  My presser died.  That is bad, because I need it in order to really give pleats a good sharp press.  It will take a week to get the new one, and in the meantime, I will be working on other things.  here’s a picture of the New Hampshire kilt for Lt. Cooper:


 This picture has the top band at the bottom.  You can see the sporran loops (all matching and everything) and the buckle tabs.  He’s going to look great!!

In other news, I have a new greenhouse!  Frank built it for me, and I’m ready to really have a good time this fall.  I am hoping that I will be able to have spinach pretty much all year round, and get those tomatoes going really early.  Here it is:

I am so happy about this!

I will be sewing solid until Loon–maybe I will see you there!