USIR 2012

The United States Inter-Regional Championship is currently being held in Maryland, and the best dancers in the country are here for the week, taking part in a number of different competitions besides the U. S. Championship.  Today was a Premier Highland competition, followed by Pre-Premier, then group and single choreography.  I will post  a couple of pictures tomorrow.

 I came to see friends, measure a couple of girls, and see how the tartan dog coats sell– so far there is  fair amount of interest, although one person said that she didn’t think her Border Collie would go for it.  Yorkshire Terrier owners and Cairn Terrier owners thought that they were great–we’ll see.

At the moment, I am pretty caught up with my work.  I did two major alterations (enlarging aprons) and made a kilt for a girl who is a representative for the Eastern Region in the 3 weeks since Kilt Camp.  Then I made the dog coats and some dog bandannas.

I have found one REALLY interesting site that anyone considering choosing a new tartan for a kilt should check out.  It is a page on Pinterest called “emmyport” that shows how all of the dress tartans look made up into kilts.  It is very helpful, because looking at a small swatch just doesn’t give you the full effect of what a kilt might look like all finished.  The photos vary in lighting and quality, and I have to say that not all of them are all that nicely made or put on, but it gives you as good idea of what your new outfit might look like, as well as how the tartans look with different colors of vests and jackets.  Take a look!