Going to the Dogs

What do kiltmakers do with all of the fabric scraps that they have?  Many of them are taking up space in my workroom as we speak.  I am really tired of looking at them, so I have decided to make some little items that I hope I can sell at Quechee or other games where I might be a vendor.  Not everyone who comes to the games is in need of a kilt, so I’d like to have some other offerings.  Here’s one now:  the tartan dog coat!

I don’t own a dog, so I had to get a model.  This is supposed to be a Jack Russell Terrier.  Let me know what you think–I am looking for other ideas too.


2 thoughts on “Going to the Dogs

  1. Very cute! I saw a kiltmaker who does lavender sachets with scraps. Fabric brooches would be nice as well…if you have any of these finished, bring them to USIR for the table .

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