Live From Emma Willard!!

We are finally here in Troy, and the kiltmakers are really working hard.  I promised to show their work, so here are a few in the process of being made.  First Beverly–  This tartan is Drummond of Perth.  She is a newbie to kilt camp, but VERY talented.  Below that is another photo of the whole room working, except Judy, who is on the computer.  More news later!

This is Ruth’s kilt-to-be.  It’s Special Dress Black Menzies.

One thought on “Live From Emma Willard!!

  1. Miss you all! Let me know if there is a Skype opportunity. I know Ron wanted to be in on that too. I'm usually on and off during the daytimes, will try to post status accurately. I know I've been a deadbeat about the video, but it remains of future value to kiltmakers as they move on from camp. I hope to be there next year – probably to make a second kilt for Lillian or somebody in Cathie's school. Best to all!

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