Gearing Up (In more Ways Than One)

Kilt Camp is on the horizon!  Am I ready?  Yes and no.  We have a wedding next Saturday, which will take all of my attention for the next 8 days.  After that I can go through my checklist.  Those of you attending or returning to camp can do the same thing.  The following is a complete list of supplies.  Newcomers to kilt camp need ONLY items with an asterisk (*)

tartan – if you haven’t ordered it by now, you need expedited shipping! *
#9 quilting/between needles – check
#7 sharp needles – check
matching thread (Guterman, not the other stuff) – check
carpet thread, cream or black – check
measuring tape – check
thimble – check *
pins (just a few)- check
tailor’s chalk – check
small sharp scissors – check *
dressmaker’s shears – check
basting thread – check
interfacing – check
lining – check
notebook *
buckles – check
straps – check
beeswax – check

IMPORTANT: your personal copy of The Art of Kiltmaking *

Ott Lite
Music of your choice

My car will be packed with other stuff like the presser, ironing board, and so on.  This year I feel like I’m on top of things just a bit, because I have all of my supplies ready to go except the beeswax, but I know where that is to be had, so I’m good.

It looks like we have at least 2 newbies coming, and I will be happy to see them.  One is my “adopted” dance daughter, a girl who danced with my own daughter, who I dressed, and helped at the games.  Now she is an adult, and ready to make a kilt for her husband.  I can’t wait to see her. Time flies!

The other thing we’re gearing up for is the Tour de France–my July is very much taken up with this.  I find the strategy fascinating, and it really lends itself to sewing, because I can just listen, and then look up when it’s important.

I will post again before camp, and then we’ll go live–with pictures, maybe, so that you can see what goes on at Emma Willard!


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  1. Hi Judy!,Thank you very much for all your time and help last week. Talk about time flying . . . gosh! It was a blur. The only part I didn't really enjoy was all the driving. Not fun.I do have a question . . . How did you arrive a the 3 different zones when you figured my pleats? You did it all so fast, I just went with it, but now I'm curious to know why. I know you're busy, but if you have the time, I'd appreciate it. JonPS: Great pictures, BTW. Who took them all?

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