I’ve Got Pictures!

Here we go, direct from the Southeast Regional, pictures of a dancer wearing one of my kilts.  She is a lovely dancer, and the pictures show (I hope) how a dancer should be turned out.  If you look carefully, you can see that her kilt is centered, and she has it on straight.  That’s a big thing, particularly with younger dancers.  This girl also has a well-fitting jacket that is a good length for her (courtesy of my friend Patti).  The nice thing about this one is the way it stays down on her shoulders.  The sleeve length is also good–the sleeves need to be longer than you would normally wear them so that when arms are in 4th or 5th position the wrists are not sticking out. The socks are on straight.  She is wearing a dickie high enough to be seen, but not right up to her neck. The hair is neatly put up, and she has everything in place.

What I look for in the action shots is how the kilt moves.  This one has a nice “swish”, which comes from careful steeking.  The length is good, and the apron has enough flare that it lays flat at the sides, and doesn’t stick out at the sides.


So’ I hope to see all of you at the Eastern Region championship this weekend near Albany, NY  Please come and say Hi!