The Highland Year

Every once in a while I glance up from my work and realize that there is no need to look at a calendar to tell what time of year it is in the Sullivan household.  If there is tartan fabric on every horizontal surface, it’s definitely early spring.  The gardening catalogs interspersed with the fabric are a dead giveaway.  If the tartan isn’t all over the place, but finished and almost-finished kilts are hanging on skirt hangers from every doorknob, it’s later in the spring.  If there’s a gigantic suitcase containing interfacing, thread, measuring tapes, beeswax, and other sewing supplies, it’s time for Kilt Camp.  When it’s relatively uncluttered, that means it’s later in the summer or early fall.  If canning jars predominate, it’s September.  Christmas wrap–well, you get the idea.

I don’t feel like a hamster in a cage, going around and around on my wheel, but there is a rhythm to my life that cannot be denied.  Baseball season started last Thursday, and I’m back at it, watching the Sox, and getting lots of work done.

Dancers have a rhythm to the year as well.  In November, they start learning the Championship steps for the following competition season.  Then they start working on fitness and technique.  In March the competition season really gets going, and everyone is getting ready for Regionals, which take place in April, May, and June.  Then the USIR is in July most years.  After that there are more competitions and championships, and lots of smaller games, but they wind down in October.  After that the dancers start all over again.

My friends who have businesses associated with dancing know the same routine.  One person you may know (if not, then click on the new link at the top of the page) is MaryBeth Klein, the owner of Highland X Press.  If you are in need of  dance or piping supplies, she will be able to help you out.  Every spring her phone is ringing off the hook just like mine.  We compare notes now and then, and try to get our customers what they need.

So check out Highland X Press if you have a minute, and say Hi to “B”  for me!