It’s Finally Here!

Hard to believe, but Spring Training is underway.  I am in my usual spot, stitching and watching the Red Sox play the BC Eagles.  Of course this particular game doesn’t mean a thing, but it’s the first time I have seen the team since their ignominious exit last season.  Lots of changes have taken place–some people I know are in mourning because of the retirement of Jason Varitek–but Big Papi is still there, and I’m planning on getting a Saltalamacchia shirt to add to the collection.  Hope springs eternal–maybe this year they’ll make it.

I have decided to take pictures of the kilts I’m working on.  That way you can see what’s going on in my world.  Two kilts went out his week–both red.  This week it’s Dress Yarrow (turquoise) and Dress Ross Hunting (green/black).  The Ross is a really difficult job– it has a difference of 13″ between the waist and hips, and the girl has a small waist.  No room for error, and it has A LOT of shaping in the aprons.  The Yarrow is much more what I normally do– 10″ difference.

I know that these pictures make the work look all lumpy and uneven.  They DO look that way a bit until they are pressed.  The other thing that looks odd is the joining of the apron to the first pleat.  This looks funny until the basting is in there and all of the lines of the tartan are straightened out.  Fear not– it will look great when it is finished!

So, I will be sitting pretty here– Red Sox, Kilts, and spring just around the corner (what’s a foot of snow like we got the other day? it will be gone in short order)

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  1. Just finished the Yarrow hose tonight and am starting on the Ross….I like this synchronous kiltmaking and sockmaking thing!

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