Now for the Sewing Part . . .

Now that I’ve seen everyone, measured everyone, and talked to everyone, it’s time to return to my comfy space near the little gas fireplace, and start sewing.  It was SO much fun to see everyone in PA over the weekend!

I have decided to add a few pages to the blog, which you should check out.  One is the post on caring for your kilt, which seems to be a popular subject.  I have also had to update the price list with a few increases, mostly because of shipping and materials costs.  I am sorry to have to do it, but when it costs me more to make a kilt, I need to charge for that. 

The second page may be more of a personal profile.  I have to decide how much I can say online, and how much I want to say.  It’s difficult for me, because I value privacy.

I have seen that people from all over the world have viewed this blog— I just want to say thank you and a friendly HELLO to each of you.  Please don’t hesitate to email me (bottom of price list) if you have any requests or questions about kilts and kiltmaking.

Best regards,