Doin’ the Funky Pleat Creep

You might think that we kiltmakers never have any fun, but that’s not true at all. I am in continual contact with my kiltmaking friends, and they are evidently in contact with each other, as you will see from the following facebook conversation. Please note: if you were part of this conversation and don’t want it up here, I’ll take it down immediately. I just thought that it was very clever AND funny!
Charlotte Pierce: Time to pack it in for the night, I’ve got Pleat Creep.
Kathy Park: I’ve Got Pleat Creep..with the right beat that could be a new hit single.
Ann Phillips Smith: Maybe it can be what we do this year at camp for the talent show
Ann Phillips Smith: The Pleat Creep
Ruth McGhee: Anything like the watermelon crawl??? 🙂
Kathy Park: I’m thinking to this tune:
I’ve got pleat creep…
Judy told me to stop at 8, but I’ve got 7 more pleats to make.
Ann Phillips Smith: You need to stop too, Kathy
Charlotte Pierce: Hand keeps threading needle past the time, And the pleat goes on, and the pleat goes on. La te da te de, la te da te da.
Kathy Park: I like that Charlotte.
David Reiss: I am pleating with you to stop…
Ann Phillips Smith: You can rap and we can dance?!?!!??
Charlotte Pierce: Pleating for mercy over here.
Charlotte Pierce: A while ago, I was pleating the fifth.
Ann Phillips Smith: And now hopefully you are pleating for bed.
David Reiss: Now I feel compleat.
Marcia Nelson: sooo funny! Hang in there 🙂

2 thoughts on “Doin’ the Funky Pleat Creep

  1. Good news and bad news – Pleat Creep turned out to be Pleat Perfection, after we fixed my botched join and went from 23 pleats to 21. NOW I have to watch for creep. It was well worth the trip to Keene…THANKS, JUDY!!!!!!

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