A New Year, a New Price List

It’s done–the new price list is posted, and will be in effect immediately. When I have to raise the prices it’s never a good thing, but it must be done. Unfortunately, the price of tartan, as well as shipping, are forcing me to increase prices by about 5%.

This winter has been funny- I have had a number of orders come in, but deliveries of tartan are so slow that I don’t have much here to work on. There is always other stuff to do; I have a quilt, a couple of knitting projects, and weaving to do in my spare time.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Best regards,



5 thoughts on “A New Year, a New Price List

  1. Amen – I'd say it's well worth every stitch! Just FYI, I finished the join (ta-da!) and heading on to basting the apron as per the book sequence. Thanks for the help yesterday!!

  2. Thanks for the word on the hidden pleat. No idea where I put my notes from our layout session. NOW I can start pleating and hope to have some done by the time I arrive for my kilting booster session. All the best, Charlotte

  3. Tip for keeping hands clean while working on a dress kilt (lots of white): Keep cleaning wipe handy and swish the oily part of your fingers off on it once in a while, then wipe on a tissue. Judy says at Gordon's the kilt makers used to have to wash their hands every 15 minutes!

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