Gearing Up for the New Year

Are you ready for the holidays? I freely admit that I’m not–there are many things that need to happen before we can have Christmas. As usual, I have many plans for things that I want to make as gifts, and very little time to work on it. Yesterday I made one thing–Grapefruit Marmalade. I’ve never made it before, but it sounded really good. It is. It’s the same as making orange marmalade, except that you don’t have to search the world over for Seville oranges, which are very hard to find, and only available for a few weeks a year.
I am still in the process of making up my new price list for 2012. Unfortunately, the prices are going to have to go up because of increased shipping costs, and the price of tartan.
In kiltmaking news, I am working on a Dress Red MacKellar— one of my favorites. It looks really good on girls who have dark hair, and looks equally good with a red or black jacket. After this is done. I will be on to the orders for the first of the year.
We will be around for the holidays– no trip to Ohio- so email if you have time.
Merry Christmas to all of you who take the time to read my blog, and my sincere wishes for a Happy New Year!

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