Vacation Time!

Believe it or not, October and November are actually my slowest times of the year. It’s too early to order a kilt for a growing child for next year, and the games are pretty much over for the year. So, I allow myself a day off now and then. This year my free time is going toward painting the house (mostly inside) which hasn’t been done for a while. So, for a few weeks I will be busy sanding, filling holes, and painting CAREFULLY around the windows so that the house will look nice.

This past weekend, we took a short foliage tour, but we really seem to have missed the best of the foliage. We went towards Grafton, VT, which is normally lovely, but there was little foliage left. What we saw much more of was the damage caused by the floods–houses washed away, or very badly damaged; roads washed away and not yet rebuilt; bridges damaged or destroyed, and temporary Bailey bridges in their places. In Wilmington we went into a shop that had been redone inside all the way up to the ceiling, because the water had come up to the tops of the windows– about 6 feet inside the building. The people had put as much of their merchandise in the attic as possible, and they were able to save much of it. The economic impact of that flood is enormous–you don’t realise until you see people’s lives washed away just how bad it was, and how difficult it is to begin to recover. It will take a long time for everything to approach normal in some communities.

SO, back to the present–this weekend will be the pumpkin festival, which is well worth seeing. I will be bringing a few pumpkins to add to the count, and hope to see you all there!