Fall Happenings

It’s October again! It’s amazing how time flies. We are in the middle of getting ready for Keene’s annual Pumpkin Festival, which, if you haven’t seen it, is a really fun experience. There will be about 25,000 jack o’ lanterns on Main street, all lit up, on scaffolding, on the ground, EVERYWHERE. The organizers have all kinds of activities like pumpkin seed spitting contests, the largest (of course) pumpkin, and so on. It’s a family-oriented event, and last year the crowd as estimated at 60,000 people. If you’ve never seen it, you should come! There are places at the edges of town where you can park, and take a shuttle bus in to the center of town. I highly recommend that, as traffic is AWFUL anywhere near the festival, and parking is limited. Friends are welcome to come and park in my driveway and catch the shuttle bus!

In other news, I am planning my 2012 price list, and sadly, the cost of a kilt is going up. Fabric and postage is increasing, which will be the majority of the price increase, but the other materials that go into a kilt, such as interfacing, buckles and straps, and lining, have also increased in price quite a bit. It really is about $30 just in notions and stuff to make a kilt. So, if you are planning to get a new kilt in the near future, you should contact me and get on my book at the old price.