Flash Mob Update and Quechee Scottish Festival

The videos are up on YouTube-if you search Boston Highland Dance Flash Mob you will find it. There are two videos–really cute!
This weekend is the Quechee Scottish Festival, and I will be there as a vendor. As I said last year, I love to go and see everyone, and catch up. Frank will come with me, and bring the loom. He is working on two tartan sashes, which are really pretty. PLEASE STOP BY AND SAY HI IF YOU READ THIS BLOG!!!
We have just returned from Cleveland, OH, where my younger daughter has just moved. If she is lucky, her furniture may show up today! Cleveland was a pleasant surprise–the downtown was beautiful, very clean, and very active. We walked down to the waterfront, and around the business district. It helped that it was a gorgeous day, with a nice breeze off the lake, but as I said, everything was clean, up-to-date, and nice. There seems ot be a lot to do, and everyone was very friendly. My daughter’s neighborhood was also very pleasant, with friendly neighbors, interesting older houses, and very cute yards. I think that they will be very happy there.
In kiltmaking news, I have several interesting jobs: a New Hampshire tartan kilt for a police officer in Lincoln (for the games), a Dress Ettrick, and a couple of alterations. As I told my customer, I am only rarely asked to make a kilt smaller– usually I end up making them bigger! I am sympathetic. It’s tough to stay trim as we get older, and when I read the study that said that in order to lose weight if you’re over 50, you need to exercise for an hour a day, I knew I was in trouble.
Anyway, come say hello on Saturday!