Highland Dance Flash Mob

Highland dance is steeped in tradition. It is also a competitive sport in which young people from around the globe participate. Highland dance demands precision, grace, strength, and stamina. It is also a spectacle that people seem to love to watch. Scottish games around the world host dance competitions, and are always popular with the crowds.

In the US, Highland Dance is governed by an organization called FUSTA (Federation of United States Teachers and Adjudicators). Dancers register in order to compete, and move up through the groups, from Primary (dancers under 7) to beginner, novice, intermediate, and finally premier. Since 1996, when my daughter started to dance, I have watched (and dressed) many of these girls and boys who participate in highland dance competitions. Young people often begin dancing because they are of Scottish descent, but Highland Dancing is really for everyone–it’s an opportunity for kids to get some good exercise, learn a new skill, make friends, travel, and much, much more.
In the past few years, there has been a decrease in the number of dancers competing in this part of the country. Competitions have had smaller numbers of participants ,and the number of beginning dancers has dropped. In an effort to raise awareness of Highland Dancing, some dancers in the Boston area staged a very impressive event today.
At 11:00 this morning, two pipers marched through Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston, followed by two young women, also dressed in kilts. In front of Quincy Market, they danced the Highland Fling, and were gradually joined by about 30 other dancers in a Highland Dance Flash Mob. It was a fantastic display, and there was lots of applause. Immediately after this, they all walked to the Public Gardens, and repeated the performance near the Swan Boats.
The whole idea of this is to get people interested in Highland Dance–it’s important that we keep the tradition alive!!
so that you can see exactly what happened. Posted below are some stills that I took–ENJOY!!
I will try to get some links for videos posted on YouTube