Kilt Camp Reflections

The week at Kilt Camp went by SO fast! People worked really hard, bonded well, and had tons of fun. It’s amazing how quickly we always seem to develop friendships. I know that I consider my kiltmaking friends very important, and look forward to seeing them every year. People come again and again, learning more every year, and improving their skills.
For a bunch of (generally speaking) middle-aged folks, we have a ton of fun. This year we had a kilt fashion show, showing the dancers new ways to wear their kilts. There was a batik kilt, kilt capes, a toga kilt, and an urban hip-hop kilt. There is always time to socialize in the evenings, and we have a glass of wine and a few laughs. It’s too bad we have to leave at the end of the week.
I have come home to more work to do–a couple of younger dancers need kilts, so I have tartan on order. I will take about a week off, and then get right back to work, pausing only to go to Boston to see the Red Sox.
Have a great summer!