Live From Kilt Camp

We’re here!! Twelve kiltmakers and their intrepid instructor are in the middle of another fun week! I have to say that this year’s group is incredible talented. There are three people who have never made a kilt before who are just fantastic at sewing. They started out on Sunday afternoon, listening to the talk about how to lay out a kilt (the planning stage) and they are now all nearly done with the hardest part, which is sewing the pleats. Tomorrow they will start finishing the inside, which involves cutting away excess fabric, putting in interfacing, basting everything in place for pressing, and lots of other fun steps. By Friday at noon or so they will be putting the finishing touches on their kilts, and their work will be displayed at the final concert of highland dancing.

For a very diverse bunch, we always manage to bond over kiltmaking, and many of us have formed lasting friendships at camp, just like we did as kids. There’s something incredible satisfying for me to have shared what I have learned over the years with new people at camp. We get together in the evenings and share stories share a drink, and have lots of laughs.

It’s a highlight of my year for sure!