Counting Down to Kilt Camp

Here we are at Memorial Day already, and I haven’t done a thing to get ready for Kilt Camp. It’s time to head down to the fabric store and stock up! I will be bringing interfacing, thread, beeswax, needles, tape measures, and a bunch of other stuff to camp for all of the kiltmakers. It’s amazing how much it takes–I will get 3/4 yd of interfacing, 3/4 of lining, about 3 spools of regular thread and one of heavy thread, as well as other supplies that people need. This usually adds up to the full $30 per sudent that I charge, which means about $300 for a class of 10 kiltmakers.

People who are coming to camp often underestimate how long it takes to get fabric. I have had several email from students who have not yet taken care of this, and time is running out. One of the problems is that D. C. Dalgliesh is on vacation the first week or two of June, which is very bad timing. The other problem is continuing delays in the mail, which has seemed VERY slow for the past 8-9 months.

I have just now shipped the last of the orders that I took from February to April. It’s a big load off of my mind, and will allow me to go to Kilt Camp with a clear conscience.

My next challenge is a MacAlister Modern kilt for a lady. This one will definitely be a challenge because the tartan has many, many stripes and a big sett. Sometimes you have to be willing to make compromises in order to get the shaping that you need, and I think that this is going to be one of those times. What I will probably do is mark it, and then pin it together to see how it will look. I might even do a few pleats to check, then see how it looks.

Over the weekend I went up to Loon Mt. for the little spring competition. There were about 40 dancers, and I was able to see some friends. Competition season is in full swing now, and some of these girls will go almost every weekend until September.