D.C. Dalgliesh Developments

For those of you who have ordered tartan from mills in Scotland, the name above may be familiar. D. C. Dalgliesh, who specialize in the dress tartans that dancers wear (although they do much, much more) is undergoing some changes. I have tried to add their link to my blog, because you really should look at it. The site explains how they weave traditional tartan, and why their methods are superior to more modern mills.

For the past 15 years, I have been buying tartan from Dalgliesh. Until about 5 years ago, I would call them up early in the morning, so as to catch them before they went to lunch. I learned when they went on vacation (first week in June), when the Bank Holidays were, and also their names. The best thing was that they seemed to know me as well–I would get Angie on the telephone and she would ask how I was, and what the weather was. I would place the order, she would check the stock, and the tartan was usually on its way. I could hear the looms going in the background, and they were always helpful. Once, they were out of stock on a tartan, and I heard Angie ask when it would be ready. A man’s voice asked, “Who is it?” Angie answered, “Judy Sullivan”, to which he said, ” Oh, OK, two weeks.” He actually knew who I was.

This company has been dragged, kicking and screaming into the 20th century. (forget about the 21st) They now have email and take credit cards (that is a relatively recent innovation for them) I, for one, don’t want them to change any more than they have to. However, they do have to make a profit. They are the only remaining mill that will weave a kilt length of a special tartan. This is a very expensive undertaking, but worth it if you need something that is not produced in bulk by anyone. The tartan is beautiful, and well worth the price. So check it out, and support a business that we all need.

The reason that I brought this up is that D.C. Dalgliesh has been bought by Scotweb. I hope that they will continue to offer the same services for me as a kiltmaker, and for everyone as retail customers. So, check out the web site above, and consider Dalgliesh tartan next time you are in the market.