Box-Pleated Kilts

In the next day or two I plan to write a short post about Box-Pleated kilts, which have been of interest to many people recently. My friend Barbara Tewksbury, who wrote the fabulous book The Art of Kiltmaking along with my friend and teacher Elsie Steuhmeyer, has written an article on the history and construction of box-pleated kilts. Customers have begun to ask for them, and I have added prices for box-pleated kilts to my Price List. Here is a photo of my ever patient husband in his new box-pleated kilt, made of hand-woven tartan. I am also planning on making one for myself, if I ever get everything done for my customers.

Here we are in Nashua at the games. Thanks to Patti for taking this picture. The image below is the current kilt: this is Scotland Forever, pleated to the stripe. Right now I really like the way this looks, but it’s very exacting work, because it will really show if one of the stripes isn’t centered precisely.

This is the way kilts look before pressing– you can still see chalk marks, and the basting on the apron. Afterwards they look a lot better. There’s lots more work to put into this one. Maybe I will take more pictures of this one as I work so that you can see it progress.